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The Bamford Cycle Department is the brainchild of Bamford Watch Department founder George Bamford. As the Bamford Watch Department is one of the first companies to offer bespoke luxury personalised watches, the Bamford Cycle Department is bringing BWD’s mantra of “If you can imagine it, we can create it” to the world of performance cycling. In a little over a year, BCD went from a concept to an advanced flexible production technique, which allows each bicycle to be tailor made to each customer. Using several types of carbon composite material in twelve different weave patterns, BCD has shunned the mass production technique of forming frames in one or two large moulds. Instead, a bespoke internal joining system that uses an adapted technology currently employed in only one other high performance vehicle sector has been used. This allows a frame to be built with custom geometry, so that the finished bicycle fits perfectly to the customer’s measurements, riding abilities and requirements, and yet be as light as a more traditional “monocoque” construction frame.


There are a few other companies out there offering made to measure carbon composite bike frames, but BCD stands apart from the crowd by going one step further. Three of the tubes that form the front part of the bicycle frame can also be customised in terms of the material that forms their structure. The top tube, down tube and seat tube can all have their carbon composite layering changed, depending upon customer requirements. The rear four tubes of the frame, the chainstays and seatstays can also be modified. What this allows BCD to offer, that no other company offers, is tailor the ride feel and quality to each individual customer. Whilst the colour and design of the bicycle can be designed to customer specifics, as with the Bamford Watch Department, the Bamford Cycle Department’s primary focus is on ride quality, fit and performance.


Seasoned and knowledgeable bike riders understand that there is a certain special something that great bikes have and others do not. There are bikes where everyone who rides them realises that there is something about it that makes it a little better, a little quicker and a lot nicer to ride. Using a data-logging system on dozens of iconic, lauded bikes, the Bamford Cycle Department has been able to discover a correlation between the numbers and the greatness of the bike. This was the discovery of “The Bamford Factor”.

Armed with this knowledge, BCD has been able to manipulate the carbon composite layering and every measurement of the bike down to a fraction of a millimetre in order to engineer The Bamford Factor into each and every bike they make. The Linley Edition bike that you see in front of you? It has abundant amounts of the Bamford Factor beneath the flawless paint.


The Linley Edition is a bespoke bicycle based upon the design and construction techniques employed in the exclusive Bamford Cycle Department bikes, plus the design and colour scheme of the Linley brand. The Bamford Watch Department is known around the world for their approach to creating their clients ultimate watches – now the Bamford Cycle Department can create your ultimate bike in any colour scheme of your choice. The 57cm (large) frame displayed here weighs just 837 grams. READ the press article >


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